The chickens Fight

“He will settle disputes among great nations. They will hammer their swords into ploughs and their spears into pruning knives. Nations will never again go to war, never prepare for battle again.” Isaiah 2:4(GNB)People of the world, welcome to the Nuclear Arena. Welcome to the on-going-fight-to-death between two formidable opponents. On the blue corner is the American Eagle, Americans’ Nightmare, Mr Garbage-Mouth, Psychopath,  Ego-maniac. Raise the roof for the Pain-in-the-butt of the world Dumb J Trump and in the red corner is the Iron-Man, Soviet-never-die, Polar Bear Puttin of Russia. Wait! Wait! a minute; here comes the new kid on the block. The crooked-hair-cut, boy wonder Kim Jong Un of North Korea. Lol!Nuclear holocaust is not a laughing matter. But what can we do when we have three eccentric world leaders teasing each other and the world with their nuclear arsenals?This painting was influenced by the exchange of missiles of words between the president of USA, Donald Trump and North Korea’s president Kim Jong Un.

Since World War II, America and Russia have been dancing around each other and shadow-boxing each other. Too chicken to attack each other, they influence wars in other nations by being on the opposing sides of the conflict causing death and destruction. North Korea now enters the ring; frantically testing and trying their long range nuclear missiles to reach American cities.

In the boxing ring, are three chickens painted with the flags of America, North Korea and Russia with nuclear missiles on their backs exchanging missiles of words. Within the boxing ring is the iconic Syrian boy dug out of the rubble of his house; too numbed to cry. He represents the many victims of wars influenced by the so called Super powers. Waiting on the ropes are two vultures with Kalashnikov rifles representing Islamic State terrorists. Islamic State terrorists are not strong enough to bring down a government. They are only scavenging on the nations that have already been destroyed by the super powers as they did in Iraq, Libya, and Syria. In the background of this painting, is the iCAN banner; “No More War” to commemorate the Nobel Peace Prize that was awarded to iCAN in 2017.

The dream of the artist, of this painting is that there will be no more wars. That nations will no longer rise up against each other and that the weapons of war will be turned to agricultural equipments

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First Diplomat

Written by O. Yemi T.

O. Yemi Tubi - An Artist and Advocate for the world’s Peace.
Olabamiji Yemi Tubi, commonly known as O Yemi Tubi aka MOYAT, a Nigerian born, American trained Artist, currently residing in United Kingdom as an artist with creative and unique personal style. Most of his recent paintings were influenced by political and social upheaval of our world today and the works of the Renaissance artists. He does not like artworks just for decoration but to evoke feelings.
 He uses his works to speak passionately about the issues that touch his heart. Exchange of missiles of words between President Donald Trump of America and Kim Jong Hu of North Korea provoked him to do the painting “The Chickens’ Fight.” He uses my painting “African’t” to speak about the exploitation of African nations. The Painting depicts paradoxical poverty and the riches of Africa. “The Fishers of Men” is about the horror of refugees drowning in Mediterranean Sea.
He desires his portrait paintings to be uniquely creative. He likes to use the portrait paintings to tell the stories about his subjects as he did with the portrait of Professor Wole Soyinka, 1986 Nobel Prize Winner in Literature in painting “SOYINKA: A Literary Icon” in which he used books and flowing letters to create the portrait
 Life is roses and thorns; sometimes it emanates sweet aroma of pleasantness and sometimes it pricks and causes pains. O. Yemi adopts Roses and Thorns to speak about the facts of life in some of my paintings. My paintings, “The Bleeding Roses”, “Domestic Abuse” and Sensuality1: Pain and Pleasure are few of his paintings in my Roses and Thorns series; in which the main objects of the paintings are roses and stems woven into human figures.
In recent years, he has used his paintings to speak about the glooms and dooms of the world around us. In spite of the despondency and challenges part of life, there is a rosy side of life as well. In his painting “The Rosy Seasons of Life” he chose an optimistic look of life to celebrate rosy side of life
O. Yemi works was awarded 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th places in political commentaries in American Art Awards from 2014 to 2017. He was recipient Golden Award with cash award in 2014 Master of Art International exhibition by Margarita Feaks Gallery, UK. He also received First Round Award with cash in Art Olympia 2015 International Open exhibition in Tokyo Japan. He was one of the artists awarded ATIM’S TOP 60 MASTERS OF CONTEMPORARY ART by Art Tour International Magazine in 2017 and 2018 Florence, Italy and New York, USA.
O. Yemi is a member of the Fine Art America, the Society of All Artists, AERA –the Association Embracing Realistic Art Circle Foundation for the arts and WCA- World Citizen Artists.

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