5 Fusion Foods Dominating the Internet Right Now

Forget the Californian Roll, fusion food inventions are on the rise and becoming increasingly creative and extravagant. 2013 we saw the French-American fused Cronut, a delicious mix of two national bakery items, 2017 the Japanese-Mexican, Sushi Taco. It’s no surprise with more accessible means of travel, the movement of people between countries leads to an exciting mix of food cultures and products.

  • Ramen Burger   First hitting the food scene in 2013, the ramen burger replaces the traditional bread bun with ramen noodles. Mixing American and Japanese cuisine, the fusion dish’s simple noodle substitution inspired many variations of the burger to pop up around the world.

  • Cronut. Notoriously difficult to get hold of when first introduced, the cronut takes a beloved French pastry and combines it with an American classic. Creating hour long queues, the croissant-doughnut hybrid for a while captured the hearts (and stomachs) of every foodie.

  • Sushi Tacos. Arguably the most ‘fused’ food is Japan’s sushi. From sushi burritos to sushi burgers, it’s clear the world’s obsession with sushi shows no end. It’s most recent configuration takes the concept of the Mexican taco and replaces it with traditionally Japanese ingredients. Variations include a battered seaweed taco shell filled with rice and fresh fish.

  • Mac & Cheese Spring Rolls. With a huge Chinese diaspora across the US, it’s no surprise that the classic Chinese Spring Roll gets reinvented with the quintessentially American dish, Mac & Cheese. Essentially just Mac & Cheese inside a spring roll wrapper, the mouth-wateringly simple dish has become a new favourite amongst food lovers.

  • Kimchi Hot Dog. Korea’s traditional staple side gets paired with another timeless American fast food item – the hot dog. Kimchi has long been Korea’s favourite side-dish of choice and it’s spicy, tangy flavours perfectly compliment the meatiness of the hot-dog. Kimchi’s popularity has soared in the US and it’s not only hot-dogs they’re topping – look out for kimchi-fused burgers and pizzas too.

If you’ve recently discovered more delicious fusion inventions, make sure to add it to the list and leave a comment below!

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