4 Soccer Clubs with the Widest Multinational Fanbases

According to World Atlas, Association Football (soccer) is the most popular sport in the world with approximately 4 billion followers from all around the globe. Of course, there are leagues and competitions with better quality of football. That’s why there are more popular teams than others and there are more popular players than others. For example, it will be strange if you don’t know who Cristiano Ronaldo is or what Real Madrid or Bayern Munich is.

Soccer competitions have been attracting multinational fans and followers from all around the world. Fans of the game in most Asian regions have to wait until 3 A.M to watch an important European soccer game and they do. In this article, we will explore 4 of the most popular soccer clubs in the world. My recommendation to you is; if you ever find yourself in one of the home cities of these clubs, pay their home stadium a visit and you will be amazed.

Social media is also another very important factor that shows how many people care about soccer all around the world and how committed they are to their clubs. In August 2018, Business Insider published a list containing the clubs with the highest multinational social media followers. You can bet the 4 clubs we are going to talk about were on that list.


  • Real Madrid

Based in the Spanish capital, Real Madrid is the most decorated European football club in the world with a record of 14 UEFA Champions League titles. The club has been the wealthiest soccer entity in the world for many years and that enabled it to sign some of the most popular players. The home stadium of Real Madrid, Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, has become one of the most visited tourist monuments in Spain. Some fans make sure to pay it a visit during their vacations in Spain while others take vacations just to pay it a visit and watch Real Madrid play.

When it comes to the multinational fanbase attraction, Real Madrid is the most followed club on social media with engaged fans using many different languages. The club also has its foundation working on the development of countries all over the world.

KYIV, UKRAINE – MAY 26, 2018: Real Madrid supporter shows his support during the UEFA Champions League Final 2018 game against Liverpool at NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium in Kyiv. Real Madrid won 3-1
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  • Juventus

Juventus is nicknamed “The Old Lady” and is considered as one of the best and oldest soccer teams in Europe. If we wrote this article a year ago, Juventus would not have made this list but something important happened. The club signed a player who is considered the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) of soccer. Of course, that’s up for debate and we’ll get there. Juventus signed Cristiano Ronaldo at the end of the summer in one of the most stunning and surprising soccer player transfers in history. Today, it won’t be strange to find multinational fans in Turin singing Historia di Un Grande Amore (History of a Great Love) just because Ronaldo is on the pitch in a Juventus jersey.

When Cristiano Ronaldo moved from Real Madrid to Juventus, the world witnessed how powerful multinational fans can be when it comes to social media. Following the news; the official Facebook page of Real Madrid lost approximately 5 million followers. At the same time, Russia Today wrote that Juventus gained 6 million new multinational followers across its social media accounts during the month that followed the move.

  • FC Barcelona

Another Spanish team that has to make our list because, for many people from all around the world, Barcelona is the greatest soccer team ever. Barça fans will also argue that they have another greatest ever because Lionel Messi plays for their club. This is why there is what I like to call “The GOAT War” among soccer fans today; some claim Messi is the greatest of all time while others think Cristiano Ronaldo is better. One thing is for sure; it’s a special experience to be in Camp Nou in Barcelona and listen to more than 90 thousand multinational fans singing the Hymn of FC Barcelona

  • Liverpool

Liverpool is a special soccer club; you don’t see it celebrating titles and breaking records very often but it has one of the widest multinational fanbases in the world. When playing a home game in their stadium, Anfield, fans from all around the globe will make sure to attend, support, and sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Liverpool Football Club Legend Bill Shankly said it best when he said “Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don’t like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that.”.

KUALA LUMPUR: Liverpool football club fans sing ‘You’ll never walk alone’ during a friendly match against Malaysia in 2011, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Liverpool won 6-3. –
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